Engineered Solutions

At Refinery Solutions we work together with plant maintenance personnel to solve your critical cleaning challenges. We have celebrated numerous victories ranging from jobs that were once considered impossible to extremely difficult and challenging jobs that have previously had an adverse effect on scheduled maintenance time.

At Refinery Solutions we are problem solvers and have the capability to engineer site-specific solutions. Whether the cleaning is required in-situ or on your wash pad, we'll work with you to ensure we offer comprehensive solutions that add value. We can provide custom engineered solutions which respond to your unique cleaning challenges.

We embrace your toughest cleaning problems whilst all the time ensuring we improve, manage and mitigate safety, reduce your conventional cleaning times, provide greater efficiencies and significantly reducing your overall job cost-value on multiple fronts.

With a dedicated operational workshop and skilled personnel capable of machining and fabricating to exacting standards we're able to test our creative and innovative solutions prior to arrival onsite. You can be confident that we'll be prepared to perform and execute your difficult cleaning challenges all the time commited to reducing downtime and significantly reducing your total job cost allowing you to operate at peak profitability.

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