Conventional cleaning methods to remove foulants are often as time-consuming as they are ineffectual. Worse still, they can damage process equipment and pose a variety of safety concerns. With patented and proven sonic resonance technology, Hydrokinetics can blast through conventional limitations.

Our patented Hydrokinetics cleaning technology for cleaning the ID of industrial tubulars and piping is based on the introduction of sonic resonance into the cleaning water stream. The sonic resonance safely transfers to both the tube and/or pipe and the fouling material which resonate at different frequencies thus breaking the bond between them. This process will be repeated as needed until the entire length of tube/pipe is cleaned with the Hydrokinetics tool.

In addition, we may use a projectile or plugging device to remove the film like substance from the tube or pipe wall as required. These plugging devices (similar to pipeline pigs) are made of materials that will not harm the integrity of the tube or pipe material.

Hydrokinetics how it works

The patented Hydrokinetics process is based on ultrasonics or sonic resonance, offering a more efficient, cost effective, ecological and safer method of clearing fouled pipes and tubes as compared to traditional methods such as hydroblasting, baking, chemical cleaning, drilling or brushing. In addtion the Hydrokinetics process signifcantly reduces or elimintaes much of the scaffolding, disassembly and reassembly required with conventional methods which translate into huge savings

Long lengths, multiple bends and tough fouling

Hydrokinetics requires only a few feet of working area but can handle the biggest challenges, including miles of industrial piping. Whether the pipe is below grade or above grade and has multiple 180-degree tight bends, Hydrokinetics can effectively clear fully choked lines or residual film like scale on the pipe wall. With Hydrokinetics, fewer or no line breaks are required which means we focus on decimating your downtime allowing you to get online and producing faster.

Straight tubes, U-tubes, fin fans or oddly shaped bundles

Hydrokinetics can effectively clean a wide range of foulants from heat excahngers, Wheteher you have straight tube bundles, fin fans, U-tubes or just oddly shaped bundles, with Hydrokinetics we're able to clean in situ regardless of wheteher your equipment is vertical, horizontal or in a confined space. A fraction of the setup time, cleaning time and labour is required versus conventional methods which means you get back online faster.

Less downtime and more production translates to millions in savings. Our Hydrokinetics option typically saves 50% of the cleaning time required usng traditional methods. With none or fewer line breaks and with little or no scaffoding required we can be in and out before others get started.

Traditional cleaning versus Hydrokinetics

Traditional Hydrokinetics
Plastics Facility/200-ft. pipe 36 hours 12 hours
Polyethylene unit/tubular reactor 250 hours 36 hours
Elastomer plant/plastic polymer line 48 hours 4 hours
Polyethylene plant/1,800 feet of process piping 1 week 1 hour
High-Pressure Off Gas Line* 60 hours 4 hours
Reactor Tails Line** 96 hours 4 hours

Figures above are pulled from actual case studies.
* Saved customer 5 mechanical days
** Saved customer 7 mechanical days

Challenging Fouling Material

Hydrokinetics has proven effective for the removal of a wide range of foulants including but not limited to:

Asphalt Black Iron
Calcium Carbonate Cement
Coke Crude Oil
Latex Mill Scale
NORM Scale Nylon
Polycarbonates Polyethylenes
Polypropylenes Poly Wax
Pulp Styrene
Sulphates Sulphur

Hydrokinetics a safer option for people and equipment

Hydrokinetics is by far the safest foulant-removal method available on the market. With more than 20 years and thousands of man-hours, we've never had a lost-time accident.

The process is isolated from the technician and operated remotely, inducing a frequency vibration through the blockage. No harsh chemicals or high-pressure streams of water—good for both employees and equipment. Hydrokinetics is also ideal for cleaning tubes where sparks pose a risk.

A significantly minimized amount of wastewater and fouling material is extruded at the opposite end of the pipeline or tube into a containment basin, far away from technicians and workers.

What's more, there's no risk of damage to operational equipment. The sonic vibration only takes a few milliseconds to complete and the tube or pipe being cleared is exposed to the sonic wave for only a fraction of the process time. The maximum frequency is 11,250 vibrations per minute—far below the number of cycles per second needed to cause metal fatigue even in soft metals such as copper-nickel alloys or copper.

Hydrokinetics has safely and successfully cleared bundles and piping composed of the following materials:

Admiralty Alloy Types Aluminum
Black Iron Bronze
Carbon Copper
Copper-Nickel Alloys Fiberglass
Hastelloy® C Inconel
Mild Steel PVC
Stainless Steel (all types)

Hydrokinetics the environmentally sound solution

Hydrokinetics uses no chemicals whatsoever—nothing but pressurised water and highly effective sonic pulses to clear fouling. So effective, in fact, that we finish the job in a fraction of the time, with less use of motorized equipment and far less water than conventional methods.

Less water consumed means less effluent discharged. This in turn translates into huge savings with reduced effluent disposal and treatment costs.

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