Flange Wrap

The Flange Wrap is the perfect tool for first time line breaks. With Velcro entry points on the sides, it is simple to encapsulate your wrenches to break a flange and contain any residue liquid left. While you may not have any liquid on some breaks, it only takes one uncleared line to wish you had contained it. Flange Wraps should be stocked and used on every line break you have. Best of all, they are cheap enough that you can throw it away afterwards to avoid cross contamination or timely cleaning costs to reuse it.


  • Easy to use straps and flexibility make for easy disposal.
  • Containment eliminates need for costly cleanup.
  • Helps to eliminate spills.
  • Helps to keep leak for posing an environmental hazard causing extensive clean up cost of area.
  • Available in various sizes to accommodate all diameters of pipes.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Used for line breaking procedures, pipe leaks and line washout
  • Contains liquids when making line breaks
  • Contains liquids leaking from piping until maintenance can fix or repair
  • Allows you to route captured liquids to a containment area of your choice
  • Minimizes chemical exposures to hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals for personnel
  • performing line breaking tasks
  • Protects valuable equipment and instruments
  • Creates less chance for environmental spills

Safety Enhancement

  • Minimizes exposures to personnel below
  • Reduces exposure to chemicals
  • Allows other personnel access to general work area during procedure
  • Withstands solvents, caustics, and hydrocarbons

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