Refinery Solutions LLC is an on-site provider of the latest technologies and services in the maintenance
industry. With a regional presence in the heart of the oil industry in the Middle East we serve the
onshore and offshore petrochemical refineries, marine industry and other industrial facilities in this sector.
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As an expert in diligent refinery maintenance, Refinery Solutions is a specialist in state-of-the-art cleaning technologies for an array of industrial fin fans, air cooled heat exchangers and condensers, compressors in gas processing units, pre-heaters and boilers. Addi...

Pipe Freezing
Hot Tapping
Line Stopping / Line Plugging & By-Pass
Leak Detection
Leak Repair
Leak Sealing
Corrosion Protection/ Pipeline Reinforcement

SealXpertTM Anaerobic Threadlockers
SealXpertTM Flange Sealants
SealXpertTM Thread Sealants
SealXpertTM Retaining Compounds
SealXpertTM Cyanoacrylate Adhesives
Seal SticTM Quick Cure Epoxy Sticks
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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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