Hydroblasting is a method of cleaning and/or removing build up & debris from surfaces, tanks and lines with a high pressure water stream. It is a technique which relies entirely on the energy of water striking a surface to achieve the cleaning effect.

The uses of hydroblasting is diverse. This includes paint & grease removal to pipe, heat exchanger & tank cleaning to log debarking, material cutting & sidewalk/road cleaning. Refinery Solutions utilises a large and diverse range of manual, semi automated and fully automated systems and equipment to decontaminate your process equipment.

Our hydroblasting pumps in tandem with specialist hydroblast equipment and tooling deliver between 10,000 psi to 40,000 psi of very effective powerful cleaning power.

Refinery Solutions Hydroblasting Services

Coating removal Weld preparation and mill scale removal
Surface preparation and cleaning Polymer removal
Air pre-heaters Decoking
Boiler deslagging Boiler recovery bottoms
Piping Exchangers
Reactors Evaporators
Condenser tubes Water recirculation
Tanks & Vessels

Hydroblasting Automation

We aim to be the benchmark in the industry offering "hands free" innovative automated industrial cleaning technologies to our customers thus eliminating the need for our operators to physically manage high-pressure hoses.

From large and enormous exchangers to small ones, whether vertical or horizontal, small tubes or large, we believe we offer the safest, fastest and most reliable automated exchanger & pipe cleaning solutions in the Middle East and North Africa. Through technology and innovation, these methods will quickly make manual hydroblasting a thing of the past.

Utilising hydroblasting equipment that moves the operator out of the line of fire, out of harms way, as well as taking the cleaning tool out of the hands of the individual all make for safer operations. Why not let intelligent equipment and not the person be exposed to the hazards and risk associated with hydroblasting.

Enhanced speeds, more power, reliable equipment, greater operator safety and comfort - these are the benefits that improve job efficiency and reduce overall project costs.

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