We employ a solution for all industrial cleaning applications and to exceed our customers' expectations, we utilize the latest in rotating hose cleaning technology. This automated process is remotely operated and the entire hose rotates for a uniform, thorough cleaning.

The Armadillo™ offers precise rotational speed control from 20 to 350 RPM to meet all material challenges. Tight control over propel and repel speeds of the hose allows the operator to further refine his control to reach optimum cleaning results. This is the only machine on the market that creates a positive rotation of the entire hose, the effect of which assures the very best in ID cleaning.

The benefits for using this method

  • The operator's remote control of the unit eliminates exposure to the high pressure water stream and allows personnel to operate the equipment at a safe distance.
  • The automated systems saves almost 50% of the labor time typically associated with a manual process and also prevents operator fatigue.
  • Does not require any additional working area and/or space....there is no need for additional and/or extensive scaffolding to be erected.
  • All energy exerted to perform the actual cleaning is mechanical, works at a constant rate providing more consistency and uniform cleaning results.
  • Achieves IRIS results with just one pass.
  • Low fatigue improves the quality and increases safety.
  • Technician removed from any exposure to high pressure water stream.
  • Allows operator to operate at a safe distance & keeps operator completely out of the "line of fire"
  • Because the hose reels back into the machine, there is no dangerous hose whipping on ground.

Results consistently surpass competing manual methods both hydro and mechanical. Exceptional IRIS Results achived in just one pass!

A wide variety of solutions utilizing the versatility, precision and nozzles of the ARMADILLO™.

Repeated ARMADILLO™ cleaning (year to year) will result in a mirror-like ID finish therefore a reduced subsequent ID build up.

With adjustable parameters to suit a variety of cleaning situations, this cleaning method can be adapted to suit numerous applications.

By adjusting and/or modifying

  • Tip Design
  • RPM of the tip and Blast Hose
  • Propel and Repel of the Blast Hose
  • Water Pressure

There are literally hundreds of combinations to suit any consistency of of heat exchanger fouling in most cases.

Positive rotation of entire blast hose and tip assure consistent thorough cleaning

With the improved finish from this cleaning, there is actually a reduced subsequent ID build-up greatly improving efficiency and lowering costs!

There are many applications and uses for this cleaning method

  • FinFan Tubes
  • Tube & Shell Heat Exchangers
  • Pre-Heaters
  • Re-Boilers
  • Evaporators
  • Condensers
  • Cooling Tubes
  • Separators
  • Industrial Piping

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