Mechanical Services

We provide a wide range of mechanical services to our power, mining, petrochemical and refinery customers. Our mechanical team excels at providing a wide range of services with an emphasis on job safety, cost management, proper tooling, quality products and timely completion.

Planned shutdowns are an essential part of continuous operations in the refining, petrochemical, power, and mining industries. Refinery Solutions understands that you need a company to work with your team ahead of time, assist in finalizing the scope of work and work with your unit engineers, planning and maintenance staff to identify any potential problems areas. We work collectively with you to mitigate these issues before they happen and upon execution we utilize the most innovative equipment and tooling with very highly trained and experienced employees in the industry all in effort to execute the work activity safely and on schedule.

What makes Refinery Solutions mechanical services different is that we take a comprehensive approach to identifying the appropriate application to each situation. We spend time with our customers in the field prior to the project to understand better and evaluate the equipment and work area. We listen to our customers who share with us issues and/or problems that may have occurred in the past with performing the task. We work with our customer to develop a job execution plan to provide the most comprehensive effective approach to perform the work activity. And collectively with our customers, we work to identify the safest and most cost efficient method to service each specific work activity.

Our teams are highly trained and will solve any unanticipated issues that may occur to save downtime and get your equipment / unit handed back over to operations as quickly as possible. We maintain a qualified and experienced workforce. Our teams are developed to meet our customers' needs and requirements so we reciprocate responsibly and positively at every phase of your project from initial planning to completion. We provide a total turnkey solution beginning with on-site scope review continuing through planning, scheduling, coordination, execution and testing. This continues right up to the final inspection and startup of the completed project.

We work diligently to deliver the work activity on schedule, on budget with the flexibility to accommodate last minute changes and/or unplanned activity associated with performing a unit / plant shutdown. We provide rapid response for both emergency equipment failures and planned plant outages for small or large projects. Our commitment is to provide the highest quality of craftsmanship and skilled workers necessary to effectively deliver each project on time and within budget.

Refinery Solutions LLC makes sure that the right tools and equipment are available to support the field operations. Throughout the project, our site staff will monitor and evaluate progress as well as provide the detailed reports to our staff and customer.

We provide a wide range of mechanical services including but not limited to the following:

Blinding/Deblinding Flange Spreading/Alignment
Hydro-Testing Valve Replacement
Torqueing & Tensioning Nut Splitting
Pipeline Modification Rigging & lifting
Removal/Installation Of Spools-Valves Bundle Insertion & Extraction
Opening/Closing Of Process Equipment Stopple Plugging

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